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As a specialist device logistics partner, we create purpose built fulfilment solutions for every individual set of client requirements, whilst utilising best practice and economies of scale within device and router logistics too.

Through a combination of manual and automated workflows, we help telecoms brands deliver a great customer experience, handle peaks and rapid business growth with ease, and achieve ongoing logistics efficiencies.


UK Fulfilment Centres

1 million+

routers despatched pa


key telecoms clients

Following the deregulation of the telecoms market in France, an emerging provider sought an expert device logistics partner to manage outbound logistics and returns management.

Staci quickly built a dedicated logistics solution including deep system integration between both parties to ensure immediate, accurate transmission of vital data, serial number management, and inbuilt device pairing during the outbound process.

Comprising 30,000 pallets of stock worth €80 million, we currently despatch over a million routers a year for this client alone, with 60 Team Members dedicated to this operation coupled with significant investment in automated technology to deliver powerful efficiencies.

Our operation includes the B2C distribution of outbound routers, and returns management of end of life and returning routers including triage and aftercare.

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