Whatever the products to be despatched or the customers to be served, our fully integrated solutions guarantee you an agile supply chain with with an extremely efficient monitoring of goods, data and spend. Being a fulfilment specialist since 1989, Staci delivers excellence in a wide range of tailor-made B2B and B2C logistics and distribution solutions. Goods in and product check, storage, pick & pack, kitting, co-packing, cross-docking, transport and distribution, reverse logistics, owning inventory, invoicing and payment collection, call center, API & web services, BtoB web shops, e-commerce web stores, marketplaces…

Product logistics

Online devices, high tech, spare parts, cosmetics, ADSL routers and mass consumer goods, etc. Your company’s success is based on your brand awareness, product excellence and multi-channel distribution. Trust Staci to handle all the specific requirements of your supply chain so you can focus on your core business. Staci offers sound, agile solutions and productivity plans to help you improve efficiency. Staci is your partner for growth.

POS fulfilment and marketing logistics

POS, events, displays, samples, flyers, posters, banners, goodies, promotional products, etc.
Your on-site brand image is key, while deadlines and quality requirements must be met to ensure the success of product launches and marketing campaigns.
By entrusting Staci with the logistics of your marketing, promotional and communication materials, you can guarantee that your points of sale and sales teams will have all their tools, where they need them and when they need them, to support promotions, sales growth and their day-to-day operations.

Events logistics and merchandising

Whether in-store promotion kits, tasting products, demonstration materials, samples, vouchers or other activation materials, your products need to be available right on time at your sales locations, trade shows and event venues for your field sales reps, promoters and merchandisers. When choosing Staci to handle your field events and merchandising operations, you can be sure that your staff will get all the support they need to boost sales and promote your brand.

Digital signage

Video walls, dynamic digital displays, interactive touch solutions, advertising screens, digital menus, in-store audio systems… Our sister company Pixel Inspiration has more than 10 years’ experience in digital transformation solutions and is Europe’s leading specialist provider of end-to-end in store digital media, including hardware, software, content, installation and maintenance. Pixel Inspiration supports you in implementing your bespoke digital solution in line with your digital transformation strategy and delivers outstanding digital content.

Supply chain finance

When transferring stock ownership, stock replenishment, billing and payment processing to Staci, you will improve your working capital and outsource non-value adding administrative support functions.

Qualified project management

Staci supports businesses in setting up logistics solutions at domestic and international levels. This is achieved through experienced project teams and the use of dedicated resources, in order to provide and continuously improve the tailor-made solutions that we implement for our clients.