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Staci is one of the leading eCommerce logistics experts – exclusively managing eCommerce fulfilment for major brands and retailers across the UK, Europe, US and APAC regions.

Powered by 600 expert Team Members in the UK, you’ll find Staci a highly analytical, careful and efficient 3PL partner – we work alongside you to forecast, plan, and deliver.

We’re trusted by both small, growing eCommerce retailers and major global brands because of our 35 year expertise, the support our teams provide, and our commitment to analyse and make data-based decisions.

Advanced Technology

With Staci as your partner, you’ll get an incredible amount of flexibility.

We don’t operate a single model or off the shelf solution – across our business we deploy a huge range of technology, operating procedures and ways of working, all for one reason – you and your business are unique, and we’ll build the perfect solution for you.

We’ll work hard to build the perfect model for you today, and continue analysing and improving to make tomorrow even better.

That might also include the range of technology we offer too, from goods-to-person robotics, advanced picking systems, automated drone inventory – all powered by our experts.

Goods to Person Robotics

A global 3pl

We don’t always know what tomorrow brings – but with Staci, your future is on our hands.

You’ll get seamless access into additional countries and continents should you expand into additional territories in the future. With over 75 global fulfilment centres including those in the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France and China, Staci is your global 3PL of the future.

With our “Think global, act local” solution, you’ll get one system, one contract and one highly competitive offer, with local customisation that recognises the intricacies and support needed for everywhere your customers need you.


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We care

Most importantly, you’ll get a team of experts that really care.

We’re brand ambassadors for you, and it’s our job to uphold your reputation and customer experience. That’s why our people are our greatest strength and we foster a caring, supportive culture.

Our clients tell us every year the relationships they have with our people are what makes Staci the expert we are. And our team members stay with us for decades, giving you incredible experience.

Furthermore, our powerful ESG strategy ensures we’re always giving back to our local and global communities too.

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