Team Staci
6 years

Average length of service

Global CSR Rating
Top 4 %

of companies

Acting responsibly
100 %

Team trained on ethics

Staci adapts to the CSR of each country

Staci, a global multichannel fulfilment expert, is a logistics partner that is:

Unafraid to set high standards and targets for growth and CSR performance, believing both to be equally important to our business, Team Members, clients and communities alike.

of its responsibility to guide the company and the sector towards the future, by ensuring its positive impact on people and the planet

to a continuous improvement process, both to create logistics efficiencies and sustainably in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals


A global leader

Staci partners global third party CSR assessment and audit providers including Ecovadis, Sedex and SGS to review, rate and make recommendations on how to improve our overall Corporate Social Responsibility performance in the UK.

Having been members of Ecovadis for over 10 years, we are regularly reviewed on the 4 key CSR pillars of Ethics, Environment, Sustainable Procurement and Labour & Human Rights and in our 2022 audit received our highest ever score, giving our CSR performance a gold rating and placing Staci amongst the top 4% of companies globally for our success in these areas.


Team Staci

Team Staci is committed to working hard together – we believe in fostering a friendly, family based environment where Team Members enjoy what they do, take ownership, and want to actively get better all the time. This also includes providing access to a wide package of benefits, comfortable surroundings, flexible working, access to thousands of training courses for free, a scheme offering paid days volunteering, and multiple charitable partnerships.

We’re proud that this means many of our Team Members stay with us for not only years, but decades, with our average length of service across all UK locations being over 6 years – with many spending over 20 and 30 years with us!


Respect and Improvement

Staci provides full transparency, visibility and openness to both clients and ourselves. We operate responsibly, efficiently and successfully to improve not only ourselves and our clients, but our local and global communities too.

Whether that be through the analysis of client data to understand how better to streamline a specific fulfilment process, our annual client survey to better focus how we support our clients, our carbon impact assessment to track our average kgCO2 per order, or any of our other hundreds of analyses, we will not stop aiming for better.

Our Group CSR commitments

Support, commitment and innovation: three strong values that guide us every day at Staci and drive us to do better and better for our customers and Team Members.

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As a global multichannel fulfilment expert, Staci is an ambitious, aware and committed logistics provider.

Staci’s management does everything in its power to promote the development of all its Team Members and to provide concrete solutions to create longstanding, valued careers, teams and friends within the business.

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