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Staci take Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone on a Tree Planting Mission

Multichannel fulfilment expert and Gold patron of Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone, Staci, take the children and young people’s charity on a tree planting expedition. Staci partnered with Forestry England to give the children of Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone a break from city life, and teach them the value of sustainability and conservation in the breath-taking Gisburn Forest.

The ash trees in Gisburn forest are sadly suffering from Ash Dieback – a fungal disease which kills trees. The children helped replace these trees with aspen trees, which can live for up to one hundred years, and remove approximately one tonne of CO2 from the environment in their lifetime.

As well as the children of Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone gaining fond and lifelong memories of planting trees with their friends, they have also made an outstanding contribution to the environment by planting 60 aspen trees, therefore removing 60 tonnes of CO2 from the environment.

Thank you to the wonderful Forestry England, for helping us to bring this initiative to life, and of course thank you to the fantastic team of staff and children at Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone for coming together to help the environment.