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Removing the pain from global multichannel fulfilment

Thanks to international multichannel fulfilment experts such as Staci, brands and retailers can quickly unlock additional sales territories and revenue with ease.

For Operations Directors operating on a multichannel basis in multiple territories, the combination of challenges can become overwhelming when managing different logistics partners for different channels in one country, let alone when duplicated over multiple countries.

Staci however is a true multichannel logistics expert with operations across 3 continents spanning 9 countries. In each location our business offers both B2B and B2C logistics, providing delivery direct to customers home addresses, whilst concurrently delivering bulk stock, perfectly presented, to a host of major retailers, specialist retailers and marketplaces.

Further, our flexibility to combine coverage in the territories you are and want to be operating in, across the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and China,

Creating considerable supply chain efficiencies and releasing your time and resource, our global multichannel fulfilment solution benefits brands and retailers with:

Global economies of scale

Combining your B2B and B2C logistics across multiple countries allows you to benefit from even greater shared Staci resources, and a considerable investment from Staci to support a growing global relationship.

Seamless access to retailers and marketplaces

Staci can help break down your barriers to trade in multiple countries thanks to local logistics knowledge and carrier relationships, local account management as part of a global account team, and specific knowledge of operating procedures, delivery guidelines and booking in requirements for retailers around the world.

Fast B2C customer experience

With local storage of B2C products thanks to Staci’s 80+ fulfilment centres, your customers can benefit from a faster experience and lower delivery prices than when distributing globally from 1 or 2 regional hubs. Not only can this help you enter new markets and win new customers, but help build loyalty for customers around the world too.

Protecting your B2B relationships

With local support and outstanding B2B delivery performance to key retailers and marketplaces, we help protect your retail relationships and avoid the risk of delisting or negotiations as a result of poor delivery performance. Managing logistics relationships around the world, in multiple countries, with multiple providers, to multiple retailers can become extremely difficult, and when managing in-house from another country, fixing a problem can sometimes feel impossible. With Staci’s global coverage, local account support and B2B expertise, we take that pain away and ensure seamless delivery, allowing you to focus on improving for the future as opposed to fixing problems.

One single provider and contract

With Staci you need just one 3PL to cover UK, Europe, US and Asia – helping to save you time from managing multiple suppliers, varying levels and formats of data and performance, and multiple contracts and commercials. Staci makes it easy to do business across the world, helping save you time and increase your sales performance globally.


Start your global logistics journey with Staci today.

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