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Extra units of packaging ordered for peak


Combined years of bespoke packaging experience

Peak Preparations for Staci Create

Staci Create’s peak preparations begin in Quarter 3 to ensure everything is ready for peak well in advance. Our experts take a scientific approach, working from forecast data provided by clients, previous years’ peak data and clients’ annual performance analytics, which are provided by our operations team. This guarantees the correct volume of gift cards, boxes, gift wrap, and other stock is ordered.

Our experts use order profiling techniques to determine the most common number and size of SKUs per parcel during peak, to be certain that the correct sized boxes are ordered.

Our close relationships with our manufacturers means we can have the packaging delivered to our warehouse on an ad hoc basis – ensuring there are no extra storage costs for our clients.

During Peak Season

As well as making preparations for peak season, our in-house packaging experts continue to liaise with our operations and client services teams to analyse stock levels, forecasts and order data whilst peak season is ongoing.

This analysis allows our team to spot any anomalies, so we’re always prepared for the unexpected and know that we are performing to the best of our ability for our clients during the busiest time of the year.

Expert Opinion

Hayley Simon, Head of Staci Create, said “Staci’s eCommerce packaging offer is unique in the industry. No other global fulfilment provider can offer the seamless multi-territory management for eCommerce logistics, let alone the integration of that with fully end-to-end global eCommerce packaging management”

“The Staci Create model begins with the end in mind – taking the metrics and success of fulfilment, including delivery performance, damage rates, returns rates, and sustainability performance, we’re able to create a packaging range bespoke for your products, that deliver endless benefits through the supply chain.”

“This in turn makes a massive difference during peak. The compounded effect of fulfilment efficiencies and delivery success when multiplied by the scale of Peak is extremely powerful to brands and retailers. When you combine this with NPS and price premiumisation metrics as a result of beautifully designed branded packaging – especially during gifting seasons – the benefits our clients realise from managed packaging solutions are outstanding”.

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