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Multichannel Fulfilment Expert, Staci, Receives Soil Association Certification

Staci UK is proud to receive Soil Association Certification, allowing organic brands to confidently outsource their logistics requirements to an organic multichannel fulfilment expert.

The Soil Association sets high standards for organic products such as organic food & drink, farming, health & beauty products, and textiles, providing businesses with advice and support, and share their knowledge and resources with them to grow and support the organic market.

Obtaining the Soil Association certification shows Staci’s commitment to offering perfect solutions to all of our clients, including those with organic products. 

In order for a product to be classed as ’organic’, it must go through organic processes from its creation all the way up to when it reaches the consumer – this includes the supply chain. The soil association certification ensures our fulfilment services are organically certified, so that our clients’ products can keep their organic status.

For our fulfilment services to be organic, we have to have batch traceability, and ensure we have the correct pest control measures, as well as proving that we can keep the products organic throughout the supply chain.

Our Health and Safety Compliance Officer, Rachel Campbell, commented: 

“The soil association is an incredibly important organisation for giving consumers peace of mind about the products they are purchasing. Keeping our clients’ products organic is imperative to uphold that, and is just one of the many ways we aim to adapt to our clients’ needs as much as we can.”