As global multichannel fulfilment experts, Staci knows a thing or two about getting the right products to different customer types, in different countries, at the same time – at high volume.

Whilst the complexity from eCommerce orders can come from short lead times, personalisation requirements and returns, brands and retailers in the UK appear to be struggling most at the moment with getting their orders to their various B2B retail partners – and the impact of getting this wrong really can be devastating to any business, whether start up or established.

B2B orders often require a great deal of time, support and careful management. Requirements range from timely booking in, compliance with delivery windows, careful paperwork completion, crucial stock presentation requirements, and minimum shelf life compliance – and often all different for every retailer, and many 3PLs are simply unable to cope with this level of complexity.

The consequences? Additional costs from retailer failures, re-working and redeliveries, delays in stock being available for sale, cash flow impact and tarnishing retailer relationships – sometimes irrevocably.

“Over the last 6 months we’ve had so many reports from companies in the market that their existing 3PLs are really letting them down when it comes to B2B orders. It’s one of the biggest real pain points we find, and we’re able to really help potential customers out here because the management of complexity is what Staci has been so strong at for over 35 years” said Andrew Scanlon, Staci UK Head of Sales and Marketing.

“We send out 15 billion items a year, much of this coming via eCommerce and D2C orders where we’re integrated with systems such as Shopify, Commerce Cloud, and other online platforms, and the strict processes which we follow, supported by robust training, recruitment and technology sees these orders flow through really seamlessly.

“And indeed, it’s that strength of process, scoping, analysis and additional time and care that Staci takes on B2B orders that has really made a difference to our clients. At Staci, people are our greatest strength, and our business is geared entirely around accuracy. With Standard Operating Procedures in place for countless retailers, and a team of 500 in the UK and 3,000 globally, we give our teams time to focus on getting it right, because we know you can’t allow it to be wrong.

“Staci knows exactly what it takes to flow stock into retailer and marketplace distribution centres, as easy as it is to deliver to a customer at home.”

“Any brand or retailer struggling with their B2B orders at the moment should talk to Staci – we know many are struggling out there, and we really can help make life easier for them today.”

B2B logistics experts

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